Summer 2019: Reading Goals

I start off 2019 with a goal to establish spiritual fine-tuning and growth. Hence I am not concerned by what is happening around the world and what is trending because I want to know what has always been trending for Allah Almighty (God). Growth as a Muslim should not be planted under a banner of gender-based empowerment, social movements or rights activism, but rather the heart and its spiritual connection with Allah Almighty (God).

Right before we entered the new year I bought a few books on Islam and what it means to be a Muslim. Nowadays we are bombarded with social media, and it becomes quite overwhelming reading the many ideas and identities that Muslims have adopted as their own, while Islam does not focus on these aspects of ideas and identities, some Muslims have misunderstood what Islamic growth truly is: spirituality.

Islam boasts the rights of all, where men do not have more rights over women or women more rights over men. In the eyes of Allah Almighty (God) they are the same but what is heavily pointed out within the Holy Qur’an is how both men and women utilise their time and efforts pleasing Allah Almighty (God). Spiritual fine-tuning and personal growth is necessary in order to please Allah Almighty (God). The sole aim of a Muslim should be to please Allah Almighty by attaining closeness to Him.

Some of the books I am currently reading focus on this element of spiritual fine-tuning and growth by understanding the world around us and why certain things happen in our lives from an Islamic perspective. On my current reading list:

While my aim is to focus on personal development by spiritual means, I am also focusing on mindfulness. I recently purchased Breathe Magazine Summer Special which seeks to use creativity as a form of mindfulness. I also bought 642 Things to Write About by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto sometime last year and have penned a few musings under the prompts; I hope to be sharing some of my writings from it this year. Lastly, my Happiness Journal bought from Kiki K. and never used as it waited for the start of this year.

What are you currently reading? And what made you choose that particular book for 2019?

I hope that your Summer consists of mindfulness, reflection and relaxation and just as much spiritual growth!

Hope you have an awesome year ahead!